The little girl opened the gorgeous pink box. Inside there was a beautiful dress all wrapped up in pretty ribbons and rosettes. It was the most wonderful dress she’d ever seen, and what made it even more special was it was the only one.


Each year a limited edition of just one hundred unique Heavens To Betsy dresses are handmade with love in a garden shed in Yorkshire — each one a little girl-shaped work of art designed to be worn anytime everywhere because every moment we share is special.


She decided to put it on there and then and never ever take it off, except, of course, when it got dirty because the label said you can shove it in the wash as often as you like. She decided to keep the box forever and ever to save all the special things she found while wearing her dress: pinecones and twigs, heart-shaped pebbles from the beach and shiny snail shells from her garden.


The little girl spun round and round and round in the dress. Watching, her mummy smiled, imagining all the adventures the fabrics must have already had — dancing all night at Studio 54, draped across the windows of a Slovenian Grand Hotel or hiding a little girl secretly reading her Twinkle by torchlight in bed.


Each vintage fabric found by Heavens To Betsy is selected for quality so, when your little girl has had her own adventures in the dress, she can put it back in the box and keep it for her own little girl.